User Guide: Comparing Materials of iPhone Screen Protectors and Top Recommendations

Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, accompanying us for hours each day. It's vital that we protect these precious devices with nothing less than the best. That's where a carefully chosen screen protector comes in. Allow us at AMAZINGTHING to guide you through the world of screen protectors. We'll dissect the materials used, weigh the pros and cons, and delve into the unique features of each kind. Plus, we'll show you two of the most cost-effective iPhone screen covers available in the market. Are you ready to learn more? Let's get started!

Comparing Screen Protector Materials

Plastic Protector

This type of screen protector mainly uses PET or TPU material, which is lighter, thinner, and more flexible. It can fully adhere to curved phone surfaces without affecting touch sensitivity, and it is relatively cheaper. However, plastic screen protectors offer average protection and are prone to leaving fingerprints and oil stains on the iPhone surface, which may require frequent cleaning.

Glass Protector

Just as their name implies, glass protectors, crafted from glass and typically boasting a hardness between 6H and 7H, offer superior resistance to scratches and fingerprints, all while maintaining a pleasing touch experience. When pitted against their plastic counterparts, these glass protectors pull ahead with enhanced durability and functionality, though this comes at a slightly steeper price

Tempered Glass Protector

The hardness of tempered glass protectors is higher than ordinary glass protectors, generally above 9H. They offer good protection, effectively prevent scratches, are highly resistant to impacts, and can reduce the chances of screen shattering, leading to a longer lifespan. Despite their higher price, they are practical and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them an attractive option for many iPhone users.

Discover Diverse iPhone Screen Protector Features Tailored to Suit Every User's Needs

Blue Light Filter

Screen protectors with blue light filters can effectively filter out the blue light from the phone screen, reducing damage to the eyes and protecting eye health. They are suitable for people who use their phones for extended periods.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protectors use special technology to limit screen clarity to prevent people from spying. Only the person facing the screen can see clearly, while others looking from different angles can only see a blurred or black screen.


Anti-fingerprint protectors use a special coating technology to reduce fingerprints and oil stains left by fingers touching the screen, effectively maintaining the screen's cleanliness and aesthetics.

Recommended iPhone Screen Protectors

With a plethora of iPhone screen protectors on the market, it can feel overwhelming when making your decision. Your choice hinges on your unique needs—consider the special features, brand, material, hardness, size, and price. At AMAZINGTHING, our dedication is unparalleled, crafting top-tier screen protectors that meld practicality and aesthetics seamlessly. Allow us to spotlight two of our most cost-effective and standout iPhone screen protectors:

Recommendation #1: Titan Anti-blue light Tempered Glass Screen Protector | iPhone 14 Series

Experience ultimate iPhone screen protection with our cutting-edge screen protector. Beyond its blue light filter to safeguard your eyes, it boasts unparalleled durability, having aced a rigorous 1.5m drop test. But that's not all — our protector comes equipped with the all-new Titan filter to keep dust at bay. With a texture 4X smoother than conventional protectors, it offers a seamless touch experience.

Recommendation #2: Titan 28°Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector | iPhone 14 Series

2.75D全覆蓋Titan 28°隱私鋼化玻璃螢幕保護貼| iPhone 14 系列

Discover the perfect companion for your iPhone 14 — a sleek, well-fitted screen protector that doesn't just provide privacy, but also ensures clarity with its anti-static and dust-resistant design. Crafted from robust tempered glass, this protector is more than a shield; it's a clear window, leaving your camera undamaged and fully operational. Experience uninterrupted convenience as it seamlessly integrates with FaceID and payment functions. This is not just a protector; it's an upgrade for your iPhone.

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