PD25W+QC3.0 Speed Pro Charger


-QuickCharge Certificate | Professional Assurance
Passing the professional QuickCharge 3.0 Certificate, the charger is able to
charge 2 devices simultaneously with the same 3.0 high speed.
-Dual-port Design | Save Time With 2 Devices
The double port design with PD and USB-A ports allow charging 2 devices at
the same time, and supports various models.
-30-min Fast Charging Experience
Efficient charging from 0% to 50% in only 30 minutes, suitable for your
fast-paced lifestyle without worrying about battery.
-Built-in Safety Protection System
The charger is made to ensure the safety of use and obtained CE, FCC,
RoHS certificate to prevent short circuit, overheat, overcurrent problems.
-Maximum 25W Output | Speedy Charging
With the considerable dual-port, charging output doubles up for 50W, your
best partner to battle your life and maintain full battery.