4 Reasons to buy AirPod 3 and Protect your Earbuds with A Drop-Proof Case

The AirPods 3 is finally here. Apple opened the floodgate recently, and customers started getting their hands on the new AirPods 3. What surprised the crowds is Apple engineered a few new functions, improved the sound quality, and changed the pricing. However, that is not everything to the new bang-for-the-buck AirPods 3. This article is going to go in-depth and explore the new AirPods 3 with you.


New Implemented Features and the Sound Quality

The third-generation AirPod comes with a few new exciting features, one of them being Spatial Audio. The spatial audio makes you feel like the audio is coming from a certain character in a movie, or a specific person in a Zoom meeting. This new feature can sometimes give you a false feeling that you are talking or listening to that person in real life. This surprising immersive was attained thanks to the upgraded audio quality.

The other new feature is the Adaptive EQ, EQ stands for “equalizer”. The Adaptive EQ customizes the audio to one’s ears. Apple installed a teeny-tiny microphone inside the AirPods 3, constantly listening to the sound reflected by your eardrum. The reflected sound gives the control unit an idea of what the audio sounds like in your ears and adjusts the audio in real-time. This feature makes listening to music with AirPods 3 way more enjoyable.


Crisp and Clear Microphone

A lot of people complained about the quality of the microphone on the AirPods Pro. Holding a phone call using the AirPods Pro is almost impossible due to the faulty Noise Reduction Algorithm. Apple learned from this experience and made a few improvements according to that.


For the AirPods 3, Apple decided to put acoustic meshes on the microphone cover, which reduces the sound of the wind. They also improved the Noise Reduction Algorithm to fit the usage. Billy Steele from Engadget did some testing on the new AirPods 3.

FaceTime calls are crisp and clear with the new AirPods. Phone calls are improved as well but not to the same degree. Voice quality here is better than most earbuds I’ve tested, but not by a ton.”


You no longer have to worry about the muffled microphone issue when you buy an AirPods 3.



Improved Battery Life

Utilizing the new battery technology, Apple further increased the battery life on both AirPods 3 and its charger case. The company stated that the earbuds themselves can now be used for up to six hours and altogether 30 hours when factoring in the case. If you are still not satisfied with the 30 hours of battery life, you can even disable Spital Audio as that will save some of the juice. 

If you ever find your earbuds low on battery, you can always charge them on the push. A five-minute charge is enough to power the earbuds for an additional hour. The AirPods 3 is equipped with the new MagSafe charging mechanism but do not forget that you can simply charge it with a QI(Wireless) charging pad.



Quality-of-Life improvement

Apple had implemented a few Quality-of-life (QOL) improvements for AirPods 3, providing the user a much better experience. The Ambient Light Sensors on AirPods 2 pause your song or answer a phone call automatically for you. However, it might mistake your pocket as your ears. In the third-generation AirPods, they replaced the light sensors with an enhanced skin-detect sensor. It will only activate when they are actually in your ears.


AirPods 3 came with media buttons on the stems, giving users additional control over the videos or phone calls. People have been asking for this addition for quite some time already but I am disappointed to say the media buttons don't serve as volume control. I guess you will need to pull your phone out or do it on your Apple Watch instead.


Apple implemented the Siri function on the AirPods 2, you can easily activate Siri by asking it questions. It goes the same for the third-generation AirPods. If you ever find yourselves coming back from a shopping trip, with both hands occupied with your loots, this function can save you in a pinch.


The microphone location has been moved to the bottom of the stem, taking over the original battery slot. These changes are meant to tackle the weakness of AirPods - the microphone is distanced. Adding that into consideration with the new Noise Reduction Algorithm, muffled phone calls are no more.


Last but not least, the AirPods 3 supports the Find My application. You can either track down your earbuds with the application or even set up a separation alarm when they are out of the Bluetooth range. For those who hate looking for the missing left earbud, the AirPods 3 is a must-buy for you.



Is the AirPods 3 Worth Buying?

That answer is definitely a YES, there is no doubt that AirPods was born solely for Apple products. If you are looking for deep integrations with your iPhones, Mac, and iPad, AirPods 3 would be perfect for you. The price point of USD179 makes AirPods 3 sit in-between AirPods 2(USD 129) and AirPods Pro(USD 249) while having somewhat similar specifications to AirPods Pro. The AirPods 3's affordable price makes it a good choice.



The Perfect Accessories For Your AirPods 3

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