iPhone13 Case Series - Minimal, Titan & Advanta

Are you waiting for the extraordinary case with the best protection to give a shield to your brand new iPhone13? AMAZINGTHING has prepared a bunch of new cases featuring various functions and styles to meet the customers taste and choice. The brand new series are Minimal Transparent Drop-proof & Advanta Crossbody Lanyard Case. AMAZINGTHING took good care of every single product and materials were amended for the new iPhone13 release, we have improved the technology on the R&D aspect and inserted the premium material for the more durable phone case which is irreplaceable in the market for everyone to have one. 



Anti-yellowing Technology

All the new case series are made with German Bayer Anti-yellowing material which could effectively keep the transparency of the case new as the beginning, to keep your favorite case as long as you want. Another feature is the International SGS Anti-microbial Certificate. During the post-pandemic situation, we believe everyone is striving the best to stay hygienic and safe all the time, this is the reason why AMAZINGTHING has inserted the anti-microbial coating with SGS in order to take a step to merge hygiene into phone accessories and gadgets. We advocate to provide our customers the safest and convenient user experience with our own products. Since AMAZINGTHING is targeted on delivering functional products, drop-proof and anti-scratches are always our main focus to invent our own product line. 


Our Hot-seller:  Minimal Drop-proof Case

Firstly, let's explore the signature and best seller in AMAZINGTHING - Minimal Drop-proof Case. Are you always wanting to display your new iPhone with its original color as it is? Are you looking for the most simple yet having the best protection for your new iPhone? We believe this is the best choice for those of you who are seeking an outstanding transparent case. The transparent clear design is made for minimal lovers who want to keep the native color of the phone, while giving it a double-up protection. With the upgraded design, lens area is raised like an outer shield, original design on 0.33mm raised edge on lens area to reduce direct lens damage due to accidently dropping phone in daily life. No matter the iPhone body or lens, the protection is all-round especially on the most fragile area. Apart from external protection, the new minimal case is different from the old version with adding the inner airbag pattern to buffer extra shock and drop. There are 3 delicate shock-absorb Airbags lined on each corner inner area, continuously absorb outer shock and impact on the fragile corners, control the crash level to keep the iPhone safe. Plus, the Minimal case is designed with SGS Anti-microbial certificate, to ensure our users could enjoy a stressless experience with gem-free protection. Also, it is equipped with the German Bayer Anti-yellowing coating, it is surely essential to transparent cases for a long lasting use. 


Titan Pro Drop-proof Case

Apart from the sleek and simple design of Minimal, the AMAZINGTHING Titan Pro Drop-proof case is another top hit! This is mainly designed for users who seek for a double-up extra strong protection to their phone. With the brand new technology - X Cushion Pro™️ which is made from anti-shock elements for the ultimate and extra durable shock-proof protection for users. It is in the full case so everywhere is protected. Also, the inner airbag pattern is increased with 5 delicate shock-absorb Airbags lined on each corner inner area, the air cushion could stabilize the phone location to make sure your iPhone is protected inside an air cushion shield. The Titan Pro case has passed a 3m drop-proof test with zero damages. The case can effectively avoid extra impact and accident falling. No matter the workplace or the toughest adventure, a Titan Pro case could deal with it without a burden! The outlook is tough with a hard shield, specially suitable for gentleman and for outdoor sports enthusiasts and amateurs to go on an adventure anytime and to everywhere! 



Advanta Crossbody Lanyard Case

We believe this year, the spotlight of AMAZINGTHING falls to our latest and new creation which we have never done before. Shout out to the AMAZINGTHING Advanta Crossbody Lanyard Case! Nowadays, your phone has become the most important device in your life and you would never want to lose it easily. The one piece design is ideally made for keeping the phone the closest and without carrying. The strap has adjustable length, easily fit in any body shapes, while it is made with strong weave materials, the strap will not easily loosen up and break. Equipped with a transparent clear case, which is made with MuscuShock™️ Shock-Absorption Technology plus a DefendEdge™️ Lens Protective Frame to protect the lens area. From the strap to the case itself, it is a complete protection for your new iPhone, no need to worry and start your journey right away. For the outdoor adventurer and fashionista, the Advanta case is what you are looking for!



Protect Your iPhone13 For The Most

While the world is running forward and there will be more and more iPhone releases in the near future, it is very essential to have a protective accessory to give your most important gadget a complete protection like a shield to battle all the impact! AMAZINGTHING new iPhone13 series are made for the strongest protection with the premium quality and resilience. Stay innovative for our new series!