Protecting your New iPad Mini 6 with a Screen Protector

The Releasing of the New iPad Mini 6 

The new iPad Mini 6 is finally here! The iPad Mini series appeals to customers who want to bring a lightweight yet pack-a-punch device around, and I am happy to tell you that Apple managed to reduce its weight even further while making the screen larger.  If you are looking to buy an iPad Mini then now is the perfect time for you!

The Perfect Gear for Your iPad Mini 6

AMAZINGTHING has prepared a series of protective products for the new launch with our original tempered glass iPad screen protector - Radix Collection. We know iPad owners wish for a clean display while keeping it fully protected. Our new Radix collection is tailor-made for the new iPhone and iPad with upgraded material and structure. Compared to our previous design on tempered glass, the Radix collection is made with a sturdier material, proven to be stronger, and able to survive a higher drop by professionals.

Stay Simple Yet Powerful - HD Clear Screen Protector

On our simplest yet classic model, the Radix HD Crystal Tempered Glass satisfies everyone's needs with its sturdy structure. It is not simply a fragile piece of glass that shatters once you tap your finger on it. This classic model was made with our new technology, enabling it to take quite a hit. This design is proven to be retaining its full functionality, offers smooth glides while not being visually obscuring. Your iPad being your all-in-one day-to-day gadget, needs to armor up to withstand any scratches and potential denting. With the high level of 9H hardness assurance, which is the highest level for tempered glass, it can withstand anything you dare to throw at it. Also, the tempered glass is fully compatible with Apple Pencil, it is almost invisible and offers the same touch as the original display as if the screen protector merged with the screen. You may say that screen protectors often alter the color but worry not, it won’t be a problem while using our Radix series. 

Maximum Blue Light Protection - Anti Blue Light Screen Protector 

Are you concerned that long screen time may put a burden on your eyes?  The AMAZINGTHING Radix Anti-blue light for iPad is designed to block out blue light thus preventing your eyes from getting sore. This screen protector is coated with an innovative coating to filter out blue light generated from the iPad LED display, sufficiently blocking the harmful blue light. With this upgrade, watching youtube videos late at night won’t be as demanding as before. Also, I hope you don’t miss the yellow tinge in this design since it’s now officially gone with our new upgrade, you will definitely notice it right away since the yellow tinge is such an eye-sore. The Radix anti-blue light screen protector will keep you in focus for a long period, no more eye rubbing due to sore eyes!

As Smooth as Paper, Strong Like a Shield - Matte Screen Protector 

Last but not least, our Radix paper-like Matter Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the best seller. The Matte tempered glass screen protector has all the functions and aspects an HD clear screen offers while being water-repellent and prevents your screen from cracking with the 9H hardness guaranteed protection. What’s different is that the Matte screen protector is designed for gamers and those who would like to reduce the pressure from using an iPad for an extended period. The anti-glare function it offers not only eases the pressure from your eyes but also allows users to work in any conditions like under direct sunlight. With the Matte coating, the original sensitivity of the screen is left unaltered, giving you realistic touch to your writing and drawing. Not to mention that it also keeps your Apple Pencil in top-notch condition. Our Radix collection aimed to retain the original display quality while providing you with good protection. You won’t regret buying one for your new iPad.


Gearing Up Your New iPad 

While iPhone users need a tempered glass screen protector, we believe it goes the same for iPad users as well! Our tempered glass is not like any other ordinary glass protector with the sole purpose of taking the hit for your device, it also enhances your overall user experience. Try it out with the AMAZINGTHING new Radix Tempered Glass Screen Protector Series!