The Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13

AMAZINGTHING has launched a new series of tempered glass screen protector delicate for the iPhone13 new release. The Radix collection is the new design launched by AMAZINGTHING this year to catch the wave of iPhone13 for a higher level and quality protection to iPhone13 users. Our R&D team has designed radix with our original design and upgraded technology. 

The Radix series have 4 functional styles including HD clear, anti-blue light, privacy and matte. Each has its own greatest features and plays a different role in your daily life.



Adopting Omni Dust-free Technology for all Products

 For the common and shared features, all the tempered glass screen protectors are made with the new Omni Dust-free Technology. This technology is designed for users who wish to DIY and install their screen protector with their own hands without failing to stick the screen protector with small dust getting in due to man-made problems. With the professional anti-dust coating, users could enjoy the ultimate clear screen after installation and a long lasting screen protector.


Smoothing Screens

 Another big feature is the 15,000 times professional smoothing test. The test is conducted by our in-house expert technical team for its smoothing level in order to provide users the excellent surface touch while using our phone for the time in a day. With the assurance of a smoothing test, users are able to experience the fastest and responsive feeling like a native screen. We believe that a high level of smoothing for a screen protector is essential for a high quality screen protector since a good screen protector should have both protection and convenience at the same time to achieve the most ideal screen protection for the customers. 



Radix Anti-blue Light Screen Protector

What makes the Radix Anti-blue light screen protector so impeccable? While you are using and watching your screen for 90% of your day, your eyes health is definitely affected by the harmful blue light generated by the phone itself and it should be avoided to keep our eyes safe and healthy. The technique of making an anti-blue light screen protector is upgraded by our R&D team with an original anti-yellowing coating in order to avoid color difference visually because of the anti-blue light function. There is no color difference anymore and maintain the native vision on your screen. Apart from the screen color, the Radix anti-blue light screen protector is also qualified to be a safe accessory in our daily life as it is tested with the professional SGS certificate for anti-blue light function. It is worth to have your confidence.



Radix 28° Privacy Screen Protector

Another powerful hero in this series is the Radix Privacy screen protector. We believe that visual hacking by someone around you is not a special case anymore while we are living in a pack and fast-paced city. A screen protector to protect your privacy is truly necessary in this modern world to stay away from others peeping on your personal information. The Radix Privacy screen protector is ideally designed for someone who is wishing to retain their private moment as most of us do everything on our phone including personal, payment, bank and other data. With our amended technology on the Radix Privacy screen protector, it maintains the two-way side-view screen with clear at the front and block at two sides. Both sides provide a 28 degree blockage black screen, yet the screen can fully maintain the true color without losing the brightness on the screen. It increases 93% of brightness level compared to the previous version, and the visual screen becomes clearer like a native screen. 



Radix Matte Screen Protector

Last but not least, the Radix Matte screen protector is made for the professional gamer to seek for a distinctive and most suitable screen protector for gaming while protecting the screen. If you are looking for a visual effect which is healthy enough for your eyes for a long period of use, we got your back with our Radix Matte screen protector. Due to its powerful functions including water and sweat repellent, anti-scratches and scuffs, the Radix Matte is not losing the quality of an outstanding screen protector. While you are always feeling irritated when watching the screen for a long time, the anti-glare function can ease your tiredness for sure with reducing strong light reflecting to your eyes. Compared to the other brands, our Radix Matte has also passed 15,000 times the smoothing test with the extra smooth touch and high responsiveness between finger and screen. 


Looking for a long-lasting and high quality screen protector, AMAZINGTHING new Radix series have all your needs depending on the functions you are looking for. Let's protect your phone while keeping the wonderful and clear screen!