Protecting your New iPad Mini 6 with a Screen Protector

New iPad Mini 6 is released now and this is the new iPad trend! AMAZINGTHING has prepared a series of protective products for the new launch with our original tempered glass iPad screen protector - Radix Collection. We always wish to have a perfect iPad display without any blockage visually, yet at the same time, it is also depressing to leave a scratch on your iPad display. Here is the question, while you give your iPhone a screen protection, why not iPad?


 The Radix series are our new design and creation specially made for the new iPhone and iPad with an upgraded material and structure. Compared to the older version of our previous design on tempered glass, the Radix collection is made with harder glass which is professionally tested, able to survive a higher drop and stronger than the usual ones. Let's take a look at what makes the Radix so powerful. 



Stay Simple Yet Powerful - HD Clear Screen Protector

On the most simple and basic design, Radix HD Crystal Tempered Glass satisfies everyone's needs with the simple yet wonderful design. It is not just a basic HD tempered glass with transparent surface, but also ensures our users the best experience on protecting their iPad screen and shows durability. The new glass is made with new high technology and structure, resilient yet hard enough to deal with any shock from the outside. The structure is well tested for retaining its functionality, smooth glide and the clarity of the screen itself. Your iPad screen definitely needs to enhance its protection since it has contact with sharp and metal objects from your belongings such as keys, coins and personal accessories. With the high level of 9H hardness assurance, which is the highest level for a tempered glass, it gives the ultimate protection to battle with anything in any conditions. 


Also, the tempered glass is compatible with Apple pencil, since iPad users are always using the iPad with Apple pencil, it is almost invisible and feels like the original screen while jotting notes, drawing and making designs. The tempered glass will be perfectly merged with the iPad screen even though the glass has great protection. While you are concerning the visual experience with a screen protector, we believe this will not be a problem for us with our tempered glass to retrieve the original screen color and clarity. The tempered glass is keeping the sharpness and brightness greatly, and will not be a burden for your eyes. 



Strong Enough For Your Eyes - Anti Blue Light Screen Protector 

What is the latest invention for the iPad screen protector for not just protecting your screen but your eyes? The AMAZINGTHING Radix Anti-blue light for iPad is designed to reach this goal! The tempered glass is made with the innovative coating to filter out blue-light generated from the iPad LED display, sufficiently blocking the harmful blue light getting into our eyes as a certain level of blue light will harm our eyes health slowly with eye strain, make us forget the tiredness while watching the screen for a long time but eventually hurting our eyes. 


Also, the anti-blue light coating is upgraded from the previous version, there is no more yellowing tinge layer on the screen protector and keeps the retina. While we are enjoying a movie or making an illustration, color tone becomes a very important issue for users. The Radix anti-blue light tempered glass is like an original screen protector with the HD clear surface for reviving the true color tone. There is no more bothering while working on artwork or at night time, just like using the original native screen without any color difference. 



Draw Like Paper The Real Touch - Matte Screen Protector 


Last but not least, our Radix Paper-like Matter Tempered Glass is one of the top hits. Our matte tempered glass screen protector has all the function and aspects with a HD clear screen protector for its scratches and scuffs resistant, water-repellent and prevent outer shocks with the 9H hardness guarantee. What is different is that the matte screen protector is designed for the gamers and for those who would like to ease the pressure of your eyes. The anti-glare function ideally prevents eye tiredness for long term use and allows users to work in any conditions like outdoors with a super bright situation. 


The screen protector could give convenience to our daily life while avoiding minor but bothering matters. With matte coating, the touch sensitivity of the screen upgraded and became paper-like texture for users to experience the realistic writing and drawing feeling while without affecting the Apple pencil durability and have great responsiveness. The Radix collection is aimed at showing the best quality retina display with a screen protector, while the matte tempered glass could achieve the same goal. Its clear surface retains the anti-glare function plus high quality clarity. 



Gear Up For Your New iPad 

When iPhone users need a tempered glass screen protector, we believe this will be the same case for iPad users! A tempered glass is not just like an ordinary layer to protect the screen, but having the extra stronger hardness while being able to bear a certain level of shocks and crashes. It is also important to give protection while remaining the native color tone of the screen. Try it out with the AMAZINGTHING New Radix Tempered Glass Screen Protector Series and get inspiration!