High-quality materials for maximum screen protection

Start using your phone with confidence. An screen protector made from high-quality tempered glass (up to 2x stronger than other screen protectors) will offer reliable protection against any sudden scratches, cracks, or other types of damage, meaning you can go about your daily activities worry-free.

Easy to install and use

You may think installing a screen protector for iPhone would be a huge hassle, but not with our tempered glass protectors. For an easy guide on how to install your screen protector, firstly make sure your screen is thoroughly cleaned before you remove the backing from the protector. Then, carefully align the protector over the phone screen, making sure it is in place over the center of the phone. Once the glass protector is in place, gently place over the iPhone and let it adhere to the screen. You can use a lint-free cloth to smooth out any air bubbles that get trapped under the screen protector, pushing them away from the center until they disappear.

Suitable for all kinds of viewing experiences

Whether you are looking for an screen protector that offers you privacy, an optimal gaming experience, hygienic protection, or eye protection against blue light, we've literally got you covered. Our Radix Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector provides two view angles, with a clear, ultraglass screen protector for users to see from the front, and a full black-out screen for others looking from the side. Gamers will rejoice at matte tempered glass screen protectors, which provide a precise and sensitive response to taps and strokes. Our anti-microbial tempered glass screen protector has a 99.9% antibacterial rate, ensuring a germ-free phone experience. For those worried about their eyesight, our selection of anti-blue light tempered glass screen protectors provide blue-light protection whilst minimalizing glare.

Find clarity with our screen protectors

Our tempered glass screen protectors promise optimal smoothness so your fingertip can glide over your phone screen with ease, whilst offering anti-dust technologies and filters to keep your iPhone screen crystal clear and free of fingerprint marks.

Discover the best iPhone screen protector for your phone

At AMAZINGTHING, we provide all our customers around the world with top-quality, durable, easy-to-install screen protectors that feel even stronger than tempered glass. If you have any questions about our shipping policy or our refund policy for any item you have ordered, please check out the website links or contact us at info@amazingthing.com.